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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

December 4th - BAC Purchase and Natural Gas ...

Well, I didn't get my fill on the Natural Gas.. I ended up putting out a feeler yesterday out for a limit call option on February Natural Gas in the last hours of trading. I'm expecting higher prices for the next 8 trading days or so.

But alas, didn't get a fill. Those guys in the pits can be beyond stingy when it comes to pit fills on futures options. But I try not to back down when it comes to my limit prices.

Today? Today it's about buying up some Bank of America (BAC), for the reasons I mentioned the other day. (Note: This is not in the $500 Small Funded Challenge Accounts, but in my other main accounts). Looks like a great purchase for my investment portfolio. In the future, I'm starting to look to good old "Budweiser" (BUD).

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