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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Trader Thoughts - Trade Management and Lean Hog Trade


Here's a video that discusses how to put trade management together with a real trade:

Edit: Lean Hogs just popped up, so I'm putting in an order to sell off the option at .150 Limit ($60), which is where the ask is sitting at. But of course, the criminals in the pits ripped me off. Sat there for 1/2 hour, and nothing. No fill. So I lowered it again. Still no fill. So I say - screw it. Go ahead and rip me off, I'll put in a market order.

These bastards return me a fill of . . . . . $0.00 That's right. $0.00.

So naturally, I call up my broker and calmly explain that there is no way in hell I'm letting them outright STEAL my option from me. What do the pit guys return me with?

A fill of .005, or $20.00. Bunch of freaking thieves. The whole thing is eventually going electronic. And don't ask me to cry, when thieves are put out of work.

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