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Friday, November 21, 2008

Did You Miss the Blog TV Show?

I say it every week, but it's very true. I had a lot of fun at the Blog TV show this week. We changed the time a half an hour later, for our folks that are a bit further around on the other side of the planet. It worked out great, and we had a lot of fun.

What are some topics that we discussed?

Well ... I wanted to publicly admit to a few factors.

That has to do with a video that I had some time ago. It was called "The Next Great Depression Talk"

But now? I won't stubbornly stick to ideas when factors changed. And now? Factors have changed. We discussed about depression possibilities ...

Depression 2009? Possible - Broadcast your self LIVE

Then I discussed one of the things we need to fix the current economic problem.

Small business.

I told everyone some time ago the story about my grandfather, and his view of personal responsibility. He is the one that brought his children into the world, and he was going to provide for them. The government providing assistance is considered an insult.

I followed that story up, with his view of where was the cash flow going to come from, in order to provide for those children ...

We need RESPONSIBILITY - Broadcast your self LIVE

I look forward to the next Blog TV show! Tomorrow is the "Week in Review"

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