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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Week In Review: Deflation and the Importance of Education

"Education is dangerous - every educated person is a future enemy." - Hermann Goering

Ok, with the above quotation, people could accuse me of invoking Godwins law. But I mean ... come on. Seriously. I couldn't believe some of the pm's and emails I received through the 'contact me' button after the "Fiat Currency" and "Trader Mindset" vlogs. Much of what I am trying to accomplish with this 'blogged vlog'? Has to do with education. Don't blame me for simply trying to educate others. I am presenting all sides of the argument. Is that really so awful?

The better educated the citizens of a given economy are, the stronger the economy becomes. The stronger the economy of a given nation is, the better my life becomes.

I'm just here to fill in 'all' of the pieces, and talk about what Paul Harvey called: "The Rest of the Story"

Which I discuss in the following vlog ...

(Video Included. If you're seeing this from Email subscription? Click on the Title Link in the Email to View the Video ...)

Please stay safe, and please have the mindset of a trader ...

* * *

Note: This is not an investment or trading recommendation. The losses in trading can be very real, and depending on the investment vehicle, can exceed your initial investment. I am not a licensed trading or investment adviser, or financial planner. But I do have 12 years of experience in trading and investing in these markets. The Challenge accounts are run for the education of other traders who should make their own decisions based off their own research, and tolerance for risk.

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