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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cynics (VIDEO)

"There is nothing so pitiful as a young cynic because he has gone from knowing nothing to believing nothing." - Maya Angelou

It seems every time I try to help out other traders? A cynic wants to pop in and try to disuade anyone from becoming involved in a career in trading.

I discuss that in the following vlog entry ...

(Video Included. If you're seeing this entry elsewhere and cannot see the Video? Click this link to view the entry ...)

Here is the link to the version of that video

I've shown pictures of completed trades from my broker platform like this one

(Click to Enlarge)

As well as the Broker snapshots from the $500 Low Funded Challenge Project such as these that I showed in a vlog not too long ago:

(Click to Enlarge)

(Click to Englarge)
I've simply come to the conclusion that some people cannot be convinced. For them to admit that some people trade successfully? Is to admit that it's something they can't do. Some people are humble enough to admit what they cannot do. Others cannot do so.

* * *

Note: This is not an investment or trading recommendation. The losses in trading can be very real, and depending on the investment vehicle, can exceed your initial investment. I am not a licensed trading or investment adviser, or financial planner. But I do have 13 years of experience in trading and investing in these markets. The Challenge accounts are run for the education of other traders who should make their own decisions based off their own research, and tolerance for risk.

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