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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jigsaw Puzzles

Have you ever worked on a jig-saw puzzle? Have you ever been sucked into the vortex of trying to solve that puzzle? You may even push back from table, as you're putting together this puzzle and exclaim, "This puzzle is absolute torture!". And yet, for some reason, you're drawn back into solving. To figuring out which piece fits into what other piece.

That was the situation I found myself in yesterday. It wasn't a jig-saw puzzle, solving for some horrendously torturous picture like 1001 gum-balls.

It was my 2008 Federal and State Income Taxes ...

Dividends ... Cost Basis ... Reinvested dividends ... Readjusted cost basis ... Interest income ... Sale of trades (well, the government calls them investments) ... Purchase of trades ... commissions on sales ... 1256 contracts for futures options ...

And I am proud to say, after reviewing it several times? After a solid week of work? I think I am finally finished.

So that being said, I want to apologize to ones, as I had wanted to get the 'Week in Review' Podcast out yesterday. However, I started working on the jig-saw puzzle that is my taxes, and was lost in that vortex of time until 1:30 am. I'll try to get a Week in Review podcast out by this afternoon.

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