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Friday, February 13, 2009

Predictions Fail ... yet again ...

I sit here at 3:55 pm.

The seconds are ticking away.

Several days ago, a poster named Reinhart claimed the U.S. Dollar would 'collapse' and the stock market would 'collapse' this week. Or some such nonsense. Quite frankly? I was too busy working to pay it 'too' much mind.

And here we sit. The U.S. Dollar is still higher than it's been in years. The DOW Jones Industrial average is only about 66 points for the day.

But didn't he get three calls right in a row earlier in the year? To the exact day? I understand that some folks are new to the markets. When someone is correct for a period of time, it may lead one to believe that 'someone' has 'discovered something'.

I've had 4 trades in a row, correct. To the exact day. It doesn't make me a prophet. It means I found a bias in the market, massaged it, and took some prophets. Er ... excuse me. I mean profits.

Well, he's gained some notoriety if nothing else.

Leave the predicting to God.

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