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Monday, March 30, 2009

I Have Become Death ... The Secretary of State

I honestly did mean to make it into the Ventrilo voice server today. I have a few seconds before I have to run back out the door, so I figure I'd post a little update.

Is there anything worse, than having to handle both Car Insurance matters, and Car Registration matters on the same day? Insurance offices and the Secretary of State (at least, it's the S.o.S in Michigan, in some places, I know it's the Department of Transportation). And God help you if you forget something, when going between one and then the other. On top of it, I still need a little more work done on my car, so I have to schedule an appointment with the mechanic (That pothole I hit just absolutely wrecked my suspension. Rear Sway Bar links need replaced)

Well, yeah, there's obviously many things that are worse, and I am speaking in a bit of hyperbole. But still.

So I should be out the door, as I'm figuring everything I have to get done, until about 5:30 pm est. It's the advantage and drawback of trading. We have the freedom to have entire days where we take care of such necessary business? But at the same time we love to trade, so we actually 'want' to be working (unlike most folks). Quite a little paradox ...

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