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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Update: Ventrilo Voice Server

I went to my host servers site this morning. Here's an update:

Good evening,

We hope your day has gone better than ours. We realize there are major problems at the moment with a handful of Ventrilo systems, as well as the obvious absence of our main website and systems. We are resolving them as quickly as we possibly can, and have all of our staff working overtime until that happens. We are still here. We are not going out of business. We did not all move to Sealand. If you require assistance, your best bet will be #DarkStarLLC on the IRC network until our systems are restored. Please understand that our staff are extremely overwhelmed right now as a result of today's problems and may be very slow to respond - we are still here and we definitely care about getting your service restored.

Thank you for your patience.

Also, for those of you browsing the World of Warcraft forums, please recognize that zomghealz is indeed a staff member of ours. We're doing our best to get you guys back online ASAP!

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