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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ventrilo "Market Buzz" Server Instructions

Ok guys, the Market Buzz Ventrilo server is now setup.

I am sorry, but due to the world we live in, this is an English / Russian speaking server only. I may allow Spanish as well, as I speak enough Spanish to get by, and we have other Spanish speaking people in the server. If any other language is spoken predominately, I will be forced to record the entire conversation. I know folks who speak Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Czech, Turkish, Hebrew, Japanese and just about every other language you can think of, and will ask them to review the recording.

It sucks, but it's the world we live in, and I have a responsibility to know what is being said in the server that I provide.

Here's a step by step process of what you'll need, and how to install everything. If you're already familiar with Ventrilo, you can pretty much just jump down to the end of the instructions list for the IP, Port #, and password . . .

You can listen through just regular speakers. In order to talk, you'll need a headset, with a microphone.

If you don't already have it, you'll need to download the program "Ventrilo". It's free. Go to this page, and then download the version that says: Windows i386 32bit for Windows. If you have another OS, download the appropriate client program for that OS.

If you don't already have the program, go ahead and install what you just downloaded, by running the program.

Once Ventrilo is installed, and you run it, you'll see a spot where it says User Name: ___________________ ->

Ok, that little arrow on the right? Click on that arrow. Then hit the button that says "New" Enter your name.

You'll see another area that says "Server: ______________ ->"

Click on the little arrow. Then hit the button that says "New" and name the server "Market Buzz"

Here's the information you'll need:

Hostname of IP:

Port: 9074
Password: You have to email me for the password @
That 0 is a zero, not an 'oh'

Edit: Please remember to set your microphone preferences before you connect.

1) Click on Setup

2) The first three boxes, "Enable outgoing voice communications", "Use Push to Talk Hotkey (PTT Mode)", and "Use Direct Input to detect Hotkey" are all selected.

3) Hotkey: Select what button on your keyboard you wish to have as your "push to talk" hotkey. I personally use the F10 button, because I do not use it for anything else. I set that to F10. Thus, when I talk in Ventrilo, I am pressing F10.

4) I'm usually in "The General Discussion Channel". If you'd like to make that the default channel for when you login? Just go to the area on the server setup that says: "Default Channel" and put in: The General Discussion Channel

4) Click on "Ok"

As well, when you connect, you'll see a "Chat" button. Go ahead and click the chat button that you see when you connect. Sometimes, rather than voice, we'll just type out something that we're thinking in the chat box. The "TTS" option will pronounce whatever we type out.

Click "connect" and wala!

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