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Friday, March 6, 2009

We Need a New CDO Derivatives Exchange: 504 Days and Counting (And No Blog TV Show for today)

I was just sitting here thinking. How long has it been since it became apparent that we need a CDO Exchange with proper regulation? I'm figuring about 504 days. My math might be off. But I'm figuring that's how long it's been since it's become obvious the problem was going to start feeding itself. How long will it be until that exchange shows up? To where we can properly value these derivatives values (you may hear the term 'toxic assets') on a day to day basis. I thought the name of the game was supposed to be 'transparency'. I should start running a little 'counter' here on the daily blog regarding that need. Something that counts the days. Because I'm getting to the point that I truly believe we won't see the end of the nonsense until we at least have the news such an exchange is on the way.

I have a lot of running around to do this morning, and also this evening, so I won't be having a Blog TV Show this evening. Just a few things have come up that I really do have to take care of. I'm also going to try to have a 'remake' vlog entry up today - for the "How to Begin" series.

However, don't forget about the Ventrilo voice server. There is a link above the text entries, that will take you to the instructions for connecting to that server.

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