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Monday, April 6, 2009

Week in . . . . Review?

Sorry about the lack of a week in review folks.

This has been quite a weekend. A few of our friends threw my wife and I an anniversary party for our anniversary that is tomorrow (13 years)

And, then, there was a small medical emergency this weekend. I crushed (literally, I broke it at the knuckle) one of my toes. I still have the toe from the knuckle up, but the toe moves upwards, and then bends sideways where the knuckle was crushed. Ripped the nail straight off of it, and crushed it from the last knuckle up. So I'm learning how to hobble around the house.

How did I do that you say? How else? By doing something silly.

On Saturday (literally right before I was getting ready to record the week in review) the wife and I, well, we were being a happy couple of 13 years. Just chasing each other around the house, and being silly. She was teasing me, and I was chasing after her. I started running full speed after her, and I slammed my toe both into, and under a door, and the door crushed it.

I'll spare you any pictures. It ain't purty. Basically though, the only thing going through my mind? Is pain. I can laugh and smile about it. But god ... that was some pain. I started going into mild shock which has to be one of the worst feelings in the world. Dizzy. Cold. Hot. Nauseous. Faint. I haven't felt those effects since I broke my arm.

I'm writing this out Sunday night, and I'll have something up on the blog for tomorrow, Monday, barring any further small emergencies ...

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