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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Airelon's Market Tactics" and it's Relationship to this Blog

"There's no secret to balance. You just have to feel the waves" - Frank Herbert, Author

Challenge Project Balances:

Investing Account Balance: $680.86
Stock / Futures Trading Balance: $1,571.21
Savings Balance: $175.03
Total Challenge Project Funds: $2,427.10

This monday saw the launch of my new premium product "Airelon's Market Tactics". I talked about the launch in the "Week in Review" podcast. But with premiere of the newsletter I thought it best to address here, some understandable questions that the readers of this blog have raised through comments, private messages and emails.

1) Will the Challenge Project move away to the newsletter, as the Challenge Project grows?

No. This blog will still continue to post regarding the Challenge Project. The Challenge Project will still be a free model to those who are low funded. Those who have read this blog for some time know that I am very passionate about helping those with $100 to $300 in discretionary investing funds. Especially in the environment of 10.7% "official" unemployment, and 17.5% real unemployment.

2) Will this blog be more focused on the Challenge project moving forward?

In a way yes, but this is not because of the newsletter. I am in no way "taking content away" from this blog, to give it to the newsletter, to simply leave the Challenge Project here. Some time ago, I had mentioned that I would begin focusing in on the Challenge Project to a greater extant on this blog. The opportunity to begin working with The Davian Letter sprung up very quickly, and after I made those statements.

The increasing focus on the Challenge Project honestly has more to do with the fact that in the next 12 months, the Challenge Project will be entering a new phase of growth. This will allow for more frequent action on behalf of the project. Honestly, I gave myself the most severe forms of "handicap" that I could imagine, when setting up the Challenge Project. Because of this severe handicap, there has not been the opportunity to talk as much about the Challenge Project in it's opening phase. It's been about building capital, and very small positions.

Due to the natural life cycle of the Challenge Project, we will have opportunities to talk more frequently about it in the future.

3) Will there be any more educational videos and series here at the blog?

Absolutely. Remember, what is the purpose of this blog? At the top, we read:

"A blog to assist the newcomer to understand the
various facets of the capital markets."

So yes, I do feel that there is more information that I can impart in the way of instructional videos for the newcomer. I will also be "remaking" some of the older videos in the future. I've always attempted to take concepts and make them as easy to understand as humanly possible. In addition, I understand that there are those who may not wish to become a day trader or swing trader. But they still wish to be as informed as possible as to the goings on of the financial world. To understand general information of how moves in the financial world could affect their day to day life; without the bias and political leanings that some others fall victim to. This blog also caters to this group of individuals.

But this blog is for the newcomer, and those who wish to listen to financial happenings without a lot of technical jargon. It is not for more intermediate or advanced students of the markets. Each individual has to decide for themselves when they no longer fall into the "newcomer" or "rookie" state.

3) Will the 'Week in Review' podcasts continue?

Absolutely. My goal, is to take absolutely nothing away from this blog, in order to give it to paying customers. Of course, at the same time, I must protect the readers of that newsletter. It is a premium product, and the readers have paid good money for it's contents, thoughts and strategies. But no, the "Week in Review" podcast will remain, and in remain it's current form.

4) What is then, the purpose of "Airelon's Market Tactics"?

Each week, I review the markets for myself, and think of what trades I personally would take on. Of course due to it's size, these thoughts do not translate into actionable movements for the Challenge Project. Even when the Challenge Project reaches a size that I can translate my personal trades to the Challenge Project on a daily basis? This blog remains for the newcomer to the markets.

In addition, on a very public blog like this one, I'm hesitant to talk about my exact positions before the fact. Yeah, there's Dan's paranoid streak. But I don't need larger traders ganging up on my positions (and yes, it happens).

"Airelon's Market Tactics" will give specific, actionable comments, geared towards the intermediate or advanced trader and dividend investor each and every week. And do not fear that you'll open the newsletter to find jargon regarding the application of Levy-stable distributions to financial risk modeling. I will still talk in plain English. I will talk about my entrance theories, and how they relate to specific markets in the upcoming week for specific entry points. But as this is a premium service, I will work to protect the subscribers. I will not give away, what others have paid for.

In fact, the premiere issue alone had, what has turned out to be very profitable thoughts. Of course, that won't always occur. As I state very often, drawdown, or losses, are a fact of life in trading and investing in the capital markets.

I hope this answers, what were very honest and applicable questions regarding the newsletter.

So what's coming up here at the blog? I'm thinking of re-doing the "Charting 101" series, and in addition, some of the later videos in regards to the Investment Series need better organized and expanded upon. And as always, on Saturday, we'll have the "Week in Review" podcast. This week, I'm thinking of discussing what may be the next big problem that we should at least be aware of.

* * *

Note: This is not an investment or trading recommendation. The losses in trading can be very real, and depending on the investment vehicle, can exceed your initial investment. I am not a licensed trading or investment adviser, or financial planner. But I do have over 13 years of experience in trading and investing in these markets. The Challenge accounts are run for the education of other traders who should make their own decisions based off their own research, and tolerance for risk.

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