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Friday, November 6, 2009

Aren't You Glad that Unemployment is "Slowing Down" ?

"Don't piss on my leg, and tell me it's raining" - Favorite Axiom of my Father

For those that follow my Tweets, you know that I'm in a mood to rant about the unemployment numbers.

Around 10:00 am, my Tweet was as follows:

"Real Unemployment, Bloomberg finally admitting is closer to 17.5%. "Unemployment might be leading, rather than lagging" DUH! YA THINK?"

How long have we been hearing there are "Green Shoots of recovery"? Or "Unemployment is a lagging indicator. It doesn't proceed the recovery"? For how long can the mainstream media say things like this, and not expect people to laugh straight in their face.

For those who don't know what to make of the unemployment numbers? Let's put this in context, and look at the "reported" unemployment number, put to a graph ...

(Can be Enlarged):

Yeah. Exactly. As I mentioned, many times, this recession is now all about unemployment, and will end when the economy, the real economy, the private sector, has actual demand from the labor pool.

And yes, I did mention yesterday that the Baltic Index looks good. And yes, unemployment was last month, and is not reflecting any demand that might be building. But for god's sake, I'm getting sick to death of hearing how "everything is slowing down, and has been slowing down" when clearly, it has been accelerating.

Tomorrow is the "Week in Review" podcast, and I will be talking about my new product "Airelon's Market Tactics".

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