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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Facelift for YouTube Organization (VIDEO)

"The five essential entrepreneurial skills for success are concentration, discrimination, organization, innovation and communication." - Michael Faraday

I have new folks coming on all the time. And the usual question I receive is:

"You have a lot of entries. Where should I get started?"

Well ... I'm slowly working at getting better organized. To that effort, today I replaced the video that appears at my YouTube Channel, so as to help ones know where they should begin, when getting acquainted with "Dan" ...

Sorry, but due to the nature of the video, I have to embed the YouTube video today, rather than the version. ...

(Video Included. If you're seeing this entry elsewhere and cannot see the Video? Click here to view the entry ...)

Tomorrow's entry, which will disucss "Knowing How to Lose", will be in the usual format ...

* * *

Note: This is not an investment or trading recommendation. The losses in trading can be very real, and depending on the investment vehicle, can exceed your initial investment. I am not a licensed trading or investment adviser, or financial planner. But I do have 14 years of experience in trading and investing in these markets. The Challenge accounts are run for the education of other traders who should make their own decisions based off their own research, and tolerance for risk.


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