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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pay It Forward ...

Everything I do here on this blog ... is for free. I never charge money for talking about what I have discovered works, when it comes to investing and trading. I've discussed How to Begin, Money Management, Investing, Psychological discipline, Commodity Futures and much, much more. I've often told ones " I always swore that if I "ever figured this trading and investing thing out" - I'd share what I learned with others."

And so I have.

I've heard from a few folks, that would like to give me cash money in gratitude, which I do not accept.

But then again ... perhaps there is a way ones can "pay it forward" so to speak, and do so cheaply ...

Tamela Rich will be leaving soon on a motorcycle trip across the country. She and Matt "Miss Trade" Davio are writing a book together: "Tradeoff's: Leveraging the Longs & Shorts of Life". She will cross 8,000 miles, 20 states and three time zones to meet with Matt in Oregon. At the same time, she will be joining motorcyclists from across Canada and the United State to raise money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

When her Facebook page reaches 1000 "likes", she'll be donating $200 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

So if you have a Facebook Page? If you want to "pay it forward" a bit to what I've done here? Check out / "like" Tamela's Facebook Page ...

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