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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wedding Weekend Celebrations ...

There was no week in review podcast this weekend, as this weekend, we've been celebrating the marriage of my wife's brother and his fiance. Celebrations bring their own time to relax, and time to enjoy the miraculous events we experience within life.

My Brother-in-Law, the Groom
and his Sister, Mrs. Airelon

It leaves very little time for anything else however. Quite frankly, it made for some very, very late nights. On Friday night we had the rehearsal for the wedding, and the subsequent rehearsal dinner. After which some close friends retired back to my house for some beer, and conversation.

On Saturday was the wedding itself; with associated reception ...

My buddy and I at the reception

The reception was not enough however, so again, I grabbed my wife, a few close friends, and again we headed back to our house for conversation and something to drink in a bit more 'quiet' a venue.

Mr. and Mrs. Airelon

We'll be back to our regularly scheduled blog tomorrow with the "Challenge Project" entry ...

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