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Monday, November 29, 2010

Missed a Few Opportunities (Trades)

(There are three entries today)

For "A.C.C.". With the wife sleeping, my volume was muted and I didn't hear the alerts go off.

Yeah ... that's what trading is like when you are trading from home. Scenarios like that happen all the time. I've got an order in to short the mini, the spread is really wide though, so I'm going with a stop / limit. We'll see what we get.

Phew .... time to wake up.

Edit: Cancelled the order just now, with the spike up in Gold on the short time frames. With the break higher, the DX / UUP has to form completely new congestion period for me to look at that market for a short. Just watching other markets.

Edit: Jumped in again later, and shorted Gold for a profit ... and captured the whole trade live with screen capture. I hope to post that video sometime this week.

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