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Friday, January 21, 2011

Market Geeks are Chic ...

This entry is a re-post of a blog entry that I wrote at another site some time ago. I have edited somewhat so that it is current and makes sense for today's date ..

* * *

How in the name of all that's holy, could any red-blooded human male not swoon whenever they saw Lisa Lobe, the original 'queen' of geek chic? Or for that matter, any "geek chic" female lovely. Ribbon chokers. Tight shirts and buffed bodies. Horn rimmed glasses and the blessing upon all of mankind that was the good ol' baby doll dresses. Am I revealing the fact that my 20's were spent in the 1990's? Perhaps.

And for the women among us? Please don't sit there and tell me that you don't find Adrien Brody attractive. I'm married, and I've had to sit and listen to my wife try to explain that one to me on more than one occasion. But from the time of Elvis Costello and Lisa Loebe to Stephanie Pakrul and Adrien Brody? Geeks, have become chic.

A geek has an environment, or an ambiance that they exude. They may do this through their style of dress, as with the beautiful Lisa Loebe? Or perhaps by surrounding themselves with technology, as does Stephanie Pakrul. But “Geek Chic” stars such as Adrien Brody, Lisa Loebe and Stephanie Pakrul are also innovative and profitable.

Market geeks are no different. And the chic of 'market geeks' has definitely landed as a 'scene' in the last five years. It was a gradual road we took to chicdom. This was not the state of affairs when I began trading. (Que Grandpa Simpson voice) We weren't market geeks. We were market nerds. We received our charts in the mail every week. We then had to draw each days action as it occurred with pencil or pen. The only scalpers were the guys in the open out-cry pits. The rest of us were swing traders by necessity. There were no 'computer charts'. Then came out the protracters and rulers for drawing in our support and resistance. The calculators were always close at hand, for computing the formula's for our favorite technical tools.

Our move to 'chicdom' began with Internet Brokerage platforms. I still remember seeing the first chart plotted on my Pentium I computer. The platforms offered by brokers began to improve. And as those brokerage platforms improved? We realized we needed more 'real estate' for our monitors. At first we tried to do this with large, twenty one inch CRT monitors.

Still too nerdy.

Enter the glory that is multiple flat screen monitors! Oh how chic!

But with this overload of market prints, we began to realize the danger of our toys. New traders still need to learn that lesson to this day. The need to focus past the 'technological chicdom' we surround ourselves with, and recognize that there is a 'danger'. I call it “Tick Fever”. The need to watch every print of the market, while the market leads you around by the nose. Every tick and every move of the market becomes more of an attractive proposition than actually being profitable in the markets. Yeup .... tick fever.

Having more monitors to engage in tick fever will not make you profitable. It is important to recognize that technology can enable this very dangerous habit.

Once we tore ourselves away, and realized the danger of 'tick fever', we found balance. We would take time away from tradng, and enjoy our lives and the freedom that trading offers to us. We still would have the occasional need to monitor the market; while running errands throughout our days.

Enter the glory that is mobile trading! " Monitoring the monitors'" of the markets from our Apple iPhones and Evo's.

Very chic.

So admit it. We are 'Market Geeks'. We love to pour over data, and fine exact details. We care, in that as disciplined as we try to remain, we do become rather emotional about our economic thoughts and biases. And now ... we enjoy exuding a certain ambiance about ourselves, with all of our neat technological toys.

Market Geeks of the world … unite!

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