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Saturday, February 19, 2011

No Week in Review ... Sort Of ...

I'm trying to manage my time more efficiently.

I'm home, and would have time to put some sort of "Week in Review" together. But yesterday ... I had my extended thoughts on "A Discussion of Food Prices and Real Food Shortages". That took a bit of time to put together, and at the same time ... well encapsulates where my thoughts have been for the last week. Call that entry an 'unofficial' "Week in Review".

At the same time I'm working on getting my taxes together, and by Monday morning, I want to have another issue of A.C.C. released.

So ... I'm just going to hold off from having a "Week in Review" for this particular week so that I can concentrate on an "A.C.C." of a level of quality that I would be happy producing ...

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