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Monday, March 14, 2011

Just ... "Close"

(Please note there is another blog text entry today)

First of all, thanks for the very kind comments. Both the comments here and all the kind comments I've received in pm's and emails..

I will say ... let's just call this a 'blogging vacation', rather than a "I'm completely done with doing this in the future". Although as the title of that last entry suggests, I was very close to that point.

But it somehow seemed rather 'melodramatic' to come up with a ...

"... that's it I am done, and I am leaving never to blog again ... I am saying here and now that I do quit ..."

... and then turn right around possibly a week later and say: "No, I didn't quit. I'm back. I just needed a break". I wasn't quite sure which way it was going to go ... and I didn't want to go to that route that might seem a bit melodramatic in retrospect.

So let's just call this a bit of a break. Perhaps I'll just have a few text entries in the future.

I do firmly believe that 'the needs of the many' do outweigh my personal needs. And threats I don't mind. I've gotten those for years now. Even specific threats of specifics of 'actions'. But when it gets escalated to where certain people begin digging into the 'next stage' of carrying out the threat .... ehhh ... that's something else. At the same time, I watch as various groups storm capital buildings in different states around the midwest to carry out their political agenda ... yeah ...

Let's just call this just a bit of a break. So yes, all of the videos and blog entries and podcasts remain up and available.

Perhaps I'll have some text entries in the future, and pull the blog a little 'closer to the chest'.

Don't be surprised if you see these comments put up as a text or perhaps vlog entry as well, as I believe some others in different venues may have gotten the wrong idea from this entry.

As always ... stay safe ...

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