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Friday, March 11, 2011

Very Close ... Oh ... Oh so close ...

This is just one those days when I feel like saying:

Screw it. I'm done. I'm closing up everything, and going to recede into anonymity again.

To borrow the phrase and sentiment ... "I think I've done my bit for God and country". After what ... four years? Four years of reaching out, spending my own time free of charge, to try to help others? Four years of explaining money management, explaining portfolio management ... explaining how to start out with next to nothing and grow it into a sizeable account .. explaining how options work, and my experiences with psychological and emotional discipline? Four years?

This is a journal. Which also means that I at times explain even my own personal shortcomings and failings, and why think in a certain manner. I've been happy to do that, and explain what personally led me to some conclusions and how that impacted my approach to investing as well as trading.

But after the third or fourth threat from everything over unions, politics, taxes, the 'morality' of trading ... yeah ... I sort of get to this place where I'm just 'done' and want to just do my thing in the 'back corner' as it were.

My unabiding hatred for politics and economic bias is renewed and strengthened.

The ironic thing, is that I said three years ago this sort of 'class warfare' mentality was coming.

So yeah ... at the very least, I'm going to take a break for a while. I have no idea how long that break will take. This weekend I'll be down the street, volunteering my time so there will be no "Week in Review".

I do realize that there are many people that would never engage in such behavior, and I've managed to help. But at a certain point ... for the sake of your own psychological balance ... you just have to take care of yourself. There comes a point when the mass 'mob' begins acting just as you always thought they'd act? It's time to make yourself scarce.

Besides ... those who have my contact information (which is here on the blog itself - the 'contact me' button) know how to get a hold of me if they have a question they feel like bouncing off of me.

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