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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Forex Trading !

So I'm taking a look at developing some sort of coherent Forex trading approach. I've already opened a demo Forex account with Oanda, and adjusted the "demo" account to $300.00. I'm not sure if I'll keep this 'model' account at $300.00, or perhaps move it down to $50.00. I'll have to wait and see how my side Forex project plays out ...

I know a few profitable Forex traders, and the thing they keep repeating to me is that ...
  • Forex trading is all about figuring out how to ride a trend.
  • Get commodity futures trading out of my head when I go to trade the Forex market. There is no 'zing and zip' as the behavior is such that I might need to pull out from my usual time frames, and look to larger time frames. Again, the theme of 'trend' is repeated.
The sheer number of times I've heard the above statements repeated to me, it seems to me at least at this point, that larger time frame trend alone is the implied bias, probability or 'edge'.

Usually, for commodity futures, I look at the daily chart, the one hour chart, and the ten minute chart. With Forex, I am watching the monthly chart, the weekly, the daily and the four hour chart. I'm entering any trades based on the 30 minute chart.

In commodity futures, when I am dealing with an account over $35,000.00, I 'shred' off multiple contracts as the position becomes more profitable. I will attempt to do the same thing with Forex trading; the main difference is that I will be able to implement this strategy right away.

Contract Lot Sizes
So I worked with the math, and at this point, it seems safer to be using 0.01 lot (1,000) or 0.005 (500) lot sizes for now, which is $0.10 per pip, and $0.05 per pip respectively.

In Practice:
I've already had one practice trade. I was watching the EUR/USD rally on July 7th, and then begin to lose momentum. I went short from 1.43577 on July 7th ...

EUR/USD Last Week
(Can be Enlarged)

The market quickly went flat. And stayed flat until the next session when it began to lose steam and resumed the trend lower. I exited around 1.42669 for a profit of around 99 pips. If we consider a $50.00 account on a .005 lot, then that'd be what ... around $4.95 or a 9.9% rise. The reason I don't like that scenario, is that it means I would have been leveraged 10:1. On a $300.00 account, then I'd still be leveraged, only it would be 1.67:1, which is much more reasonable, and a 1.65% gain. A much more reasonable expectation and gain that would be in line with money management principles.

I also noticed how profitable it would have been to implement a 'shredding off' strategy as far as the size of the position as the trend progressed.

So at this point, I'm getting a feel for leverage, and how I want to customize the lot size for the account itself.

As I was in the trend, I was discussing it with some folks I know, one of which is a pretty active Forex trader.

I've also been looking at a USD/MXN trade on a minor pair. At this point, I'm just watching and observing. I was thinking of trying to find a way to enter on a short. As the market continues to move higher ... I just watch it through the lens of multiple time frames.

Edit: 8:45 AM est - as a matter of fact, I just went short 500 USD/MXN at 1.7902/8. We'll see how it goes.

Edit: 10:14 AM est - And this is why we demo trade, even if we have a ton of other trading experience.

I wanted to shred off 60% of the position around 11.7792/2 - and then let much of the rest ride exactly at 10:00 am est. I was trying to figure out how to do it, and put out some feelers to folks asking questions ... and the market bumped up.

It's no biggie really ... I still like the trade. But I think that highlights the importance of Forex demo trading before you jump into it.

Edit: 11:05 AM est - I held on throught that bump, and sold off 60% of the position when that rally fell apart ... somwhere around 11.7812/1 ... still watching trade, so dont have exact number ...

Edit: 4:00 PM est - By 4:00 pm, I had completely shred off all of the position, bit by bit.

I know I have pre-established skills as a trader, but is it this easy to get the hang of Forex?

* * *

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