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Thursday, July 14, 2011

More on Forex and a Remake Explanation Video (VIDEO)

So yesterday I was playing a bit more with Forex trading. I'll share the comments I posted privately to "C", who has been helping me along as I delive into what is a new arena for me ...

"I tried dinking around with buying EUR/USD a bit this morning, and got burned twice with losses. I wasn't sure how close to 10:00 am est I would want to be long, so got long a bit early. Was completely out of long by 9:50 or so, before the big dive down.

I was basically trying to figure out when to be long for Bernanke's testimony.

Then I waited until 10:00 am, and no joke, went long 200 at 10:00 am on the nose. It coincided with another bit of firm support, so I wanted those two events to coincide.

Shredded em all off, ended up with a profit that just ended up being just past where I began this morning ...

Register of Trades - EUR/USD
(Click to Enlarge)

I'm churning a bit here, but rather than newbie churn, it's more of a matter of demo trading this all out. And heck, this is why we demo trade. I have to figure my way around events, news, a specific rule set for the incredible ease I'm having of shredding in and out of positions (seriously, I've never seen something so easy). I have to get the 'feel' of this better, because as of now ... throughout every profitable trade, I've noticed that I'm shredding off way too fast.

There are a couple of more experiments I want to run, but at this point I'm going to back off for a bit, and run some more numbers regarding time frame ..."

So that's where I am at this point. I have to work on managing the time frames to the size of the position, which is in essence? Trade Management.

As well, you may have noticed that there was a new video today on YouTube ...

(Video Included. If you're seeing this entry elsewhere and cannot see the Video? Click this link to view the entry ...)

Click here for the version of this video.

I will use that video to showcase my content on YouTube, rather than the twenty five minute "summary" that was on my channel page previously.

* * *

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