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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sharpe Trade

Many have wondered if they will see Dan "around the net". I still receive emails asking where I have gone? What about all of those videos? What if you couldn't save them to your computer?

As I have tried to explain in my last blog entry ... I'm not going away. Simply removing myself from aspects of social media that I find ... dangerous. In addition, the blog became exceedingly time consuming if I was going to do a video each and every day.

Well, there is a new website that should be much more time effective for myself in working to assist the low funded.  Sharpe Trade.  I've moved many of the playlists there, and beginning this Saturday, I will also have the weekly podcast there. As time passes, I will try to make it an easy to navigate one stop shop for "all things Dan". In addition, there is a new premium service available "The Sharpe Report".

That newsletter was offered from the daily blog to those that sent me their email. The daily blog will be going away ... 

As always ... stay safe, trade well, and remember that love does not cost a dime


Sharpe Trade

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